Author: wrcadmin

August 16, 2016 wrcadmin

“The staff have achieved a good rapport with my sister – something she has not had in previous homes and I am forever grateful”.

July 31, 2016 wrcadmin

“Maylands has a special atmosphere of warmth and love. The care that is given to the residents, and the care that the residents show to each other makes the community feel like a family”.

July 31, 2016 wrcadmin

“There is a real family atmosphere and we can visit our relative any time we like. The people who live here are included in everything and the staff really do seem to love their jobs”.

July 31, 2016 wrcadmin

“I am very, very happy living in this wonderful home, I like all the nutty staff. I love the food and I can talk to the staff if I have any problems”.

June 15, 2016 wrcadmin

“There was a lot of laughter in the home and people were supported to develop and maintain friendships and relationships. It was clear that staff knew people very well, they knew about their backgrounds, their families and their interests.” – CQC (Care Quality Commission), Dec 2015″